Wednesday, June 10, 2009

iPhone Photography: Subject, Lighting and Framing

I'm excited about the new iPhone 3GS, mostly because the camera is now 3 megapixels (respectable), has a controllable focusing mechanism capable of shooting macros and can capture videos. People have complained about how the iPhone's camera is crappy and useless, but I've disagreed. It's certainly not going to match up to the quality of a Nikon SLR, but it's always going to be on me. I've captured quite a few shots on my iPhone that I wouldn't have otherwise just because I had my camera with me.

But beyond that obvious point, a good shot still comes down to good lighting, composition and a compelling subject, all things that any camera can capture at a basic level. While I don't ever convince anyone I'm a photographer by pointing an iPhone at something, I've seen people carry around lots of unnecessary equipment and still not get the shot. I've picked a few below to show what a little post-processing on my iPhone shots can produce.


  1. I have been seriously considering buying an iphone, and I think seeing your photos may have just pushed me over the edge to a definite "yes, I'm getting one." Thanks!

  2. Dominique10:20 AM

    no way! these photos look awesome. hard to believe these came from an iphone. i especially like the first one and the one from the airplane. thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous6:50 AM

    My iPhone camera produces higher quality pictures than my previous blackberry Bold, but I miss the flash function for low-light conditions.

  4. it looks fine and funny at the same time!! nice style, love it! cool pics