Monday, January 25, 2010

Food Photography: Butter-Poached Lobster and Risotto

You really can't go wrong when 2 out of 3 words of a dish is butter and poached. Since I had a couple of nice live lobsters to play around with, I followed Thomas Keller's method of "steeping" a lobster in boiling for a couple of minutes and then stripping the meat out to be slowly cooked in butter. The lobster turned out really tender and flavorful, which only made it more difficult for me to just leave them alone in the pan while I worked with the butternut squash risotto and the Parmesan crisps to complete the dish. The aged balsamic turned out to be a surprise cutting right through the richness of the entire dish and refreshed my palate after each bite.

I saved the body and shells to make a lobster stock for the French Laundry Creamy Lobster Broth. That shall have to wait, since the process would take a few extra hours of simmering, crushing, straining, and more simmering. I made a leek and potato soup to substitute for the meal. Not the same, but hard to beat with the crappy SF weather at the moment.

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