Thursday, June 24, 2010

People Photography: Perfect Lighting At The Finger Lakes

On the way back from our tasting at the Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery over at Lake Keuka, we stopped along the water and chilled for a bit. Sometimes you have to go looking for the perfect shot and the perfect lighting, and check the local almanac for sunset and sunrise time (because everyone does that right?) and other times you just luck out on that perfect opportunity when all you wanted to do was stop to get a beer for the ride home. The weather worn dock, the deep blue water and the soft light just before dusk provided just that. I also had a willing subject at my disposal. What I really like about having good soft lighting is the way it brightens up the person's eyes. That and you can make me out in the reflection of Tracy's eyes lit up by the skies from behind.

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  1. nice. very and very nice!! adorable photos, so like