Thursday, July 01, 2010

Engagement Photography: Stacy and Tush at Fort Point

I had a lot of fun shooting Tush and Stacy's engagement session. I think they did too. Instead of going for the traditional poses, which I wouldn't have done anyway, we opted to try for something that would suit their personalities and their relationship. You know what they say, give an Englishmen a soccer (football) ball and he'll...something. I actually don't know what they say. We shot as the sun came down by Fort Point in San Francisco. It was pretty windy, but they were good sports about it. The sacrifices we all have to make.


  1. Love these pics, I want to see the rest!

  2. Lucy Chow6:06 PM

    Stacy's my classmate! Pictures are beautiful. :)

  3. That is random but not unexpected. Did she show you the pics or something?

  4. I love this concept. This is something very different from the usual love bird kind of stuff. Sporty yet lovable indeed!

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